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School of Computer Science Systems Wiki

This Systems wiki contains documentation on the use and implementation of School systems. The content is mostly written by the systems team but staff and research students are more than welcome to contribute.


The article on Working remotely is recommended reading for all students.

A number of Video tutorials on various practical aspects of computer systems are available.


The wiki is accessible worldwide but authentication is required to progress beyond the first few pages. Staff and research students may create new pages and edit existing pages. MSc and undergraduate students and other users have read-only access. See the Help page for more details on editing this wiki and how to contact the systems team. Since authentication is required, this wiki can not be used for general publication. Materials for general publication, such as school publicity materials, must be distributed via the school web site. The content of this wiki are not archived annually so it must not be used for distribution of teaching materials to students. Teaching materials must be distributed via Staffres and StudRes.

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